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Effective Environmental Excavation Contractor In Louisville, KY

50 Years of Environmental Excavation Experience

Do you have an abundance of greenery and shrubbery prohibiting you from your construction project? That’s no problem for the team at H F McClure Maintenance Service. With over half a century of experience, no project is too big or small, so give us a call at 502-935-1172.

Environmental Cleanup

If you’re current construction area has too many plants inhibiting you from getting your project started or completed, our team is here to help. Whether its removing whole trees, just the stumps, bushes, general debris, our team has the tools, equipment and experience to remove it all. We also test the surrounding soil to ensure there are no harmful contaminants.

Water drainage

It’s important to have water, and it’s crucial to make sure that the water is controlled. One of our other environmental excavation services involves digging and building ways for water to flow. This is similar to grading, but for projects like trails for parks and lakes. Allow us to dig out the best paths so hikers and bikers can use the trails to explore safely.

Erosion Control

Don’t let concern over erosion inhibit you from beginning your project. When you partner with H F McClure Maintenance Service, you are investing in professional who plan ways to preserve the construction lot without damaging the environment in the surrounding areas. Our team surveys the area and provides a report which advises you on the best practice for your land.