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Excavation Services

Louisville's Excavation Experts

H. F. McClure Excavating and Maintenance Service has been providing excavation in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. Our highly trained operators are committed to completing every project with safety and precision. We consider your budget, expectations, site constraints, surrounding buildings, and other factors to determine the best way to meet your needs.

Commercial Excavation

When you are wanting to break ground on your new building or business center, contact the professionals at H F McClure Maintenance Service to get started at laying the foundation. Our commercial excavation services prepare the ground for you to safely and promptly begin construction.

Environmental Excavation

Do you have an abundance of greenery and shrubbery prohibiting you from your construction project? That’s no problem for the team at H F McClure Maintenance Service. With over half a century of experience, no project is too big or small, so give us a call at 502-935-1172.

Underground Excavation

When it comes to preparing for construction of a commercial property, it’s equally important to prepare what will be underground as it is above ground. At H F McClure Maintenance Service, we have the tools to dig up as much dirt as needed or dig out whatever needs to be removed.

Our Specialization

Tank & Piping Installation

We'll prepare your land for underground or above ground tanks and piping.


Need dirt, rock or other materials? Our dump truck service has you covered.

Building Excavation

Ensure that your final construction will sit on flat ground.


Have your land prepared flat or angled to prevent runoff or other water damage.

Land Clearing

Trees, brush, or other foliage in your way? We can clear and prep the land to your desire.

Environmental Clean-up

We can remove pollution or contaminants from environmental media.

Why Choose Us?

Meticulous Planning​

Our team will put the time in to make sure we have a professional plan of action in place before we break ground.

Completion On Time​

Things happen. Weather and other unforeseen circumstances can be a pain for outdoor maintenance. Our team will always put the work in to get your project done in a timely fashion.

Perfect Execution

Equipped with a variety of top of the line equipment, we'll make sure we get your job done right, every single time.

Affordable Prices​

Our 50+ years of expertise will assure you that you'll get a fair quote at a reasonable price.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​