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Underground Excavation Contractor In Louisville, KY

50 Years of Underground Excavation Experience

When it comes to preparing for construction of a commercial property, it’s equally important to prepare what will be underground as it is above ground. At H F McClure Maintenance Service, we have the tools to dig up however much dirt needs to be dug or dig out whatever needs to be removed. Simply give us a call and we’ll make a plan with you about your project, 502-935-1172


When it comes to laying down utility lines and other pipework, you need a team with the tools and knowledge to get it done quickly. Fortunately, our team uses backhoe equipment to ensure efficiency and precision on every job. 


When it comes to making sure your underground tank is safely installed or removed while following appropriate local, state and federal guidelines, there is no better team than ours. This means we will test the surrounding soil to make sure no harmful contaminants have leaked out. The tank and it’s pipework must be firm in order to prevent any leaks or damage from occurring.  Whether you need it removed or one added, our team has the knowledge to make it happen.


Like the underground tanks, oil/water separators are very important, especially for large manufacturing facilities and other businesses that generate oil, grease, etc., kind of waste. We ensure that the tanks properly installed in order to keep your community’s water uncontaminated and safe so you can stay in business.