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Reliable Commercial Excavation Contractor In Louisville, KY

50 Years of Commercial Excavation Experience

When you are wanting to break ground on your new building or business center, contact the professionals at H F McClure Maintenance Service to get started at laying the foundation. Our commercial excavation services prepare the ground for you to safely and promptly begin construction.


It’s important to make sure your construction is not stifled by standing water. With our grading services, we ensure that stormwater runoff will not hinder your construction and finished building. This requires precision and careful planning, and with over 50 years of experience you’ll know that the land will be good for building.

Underground Utilities

Another aspect of our commercial excavation services includes preparing for the utilities servicing your construction project. We’ve worked countless jobs that require us to prepare for water lines, gas lines, and electricity lines that we can advise you on what the most effective way is to install them.

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